Thursday, 21 February 2013

Creamy Linguine and Home Made Condensed Milk

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I wish you were all at my house last night! I kid you not, you would've been quite entertained as Chef Shants and Chef Craig buzzed around our tiny kitchen at dinner time.  We worked like a well-oiled machine peeps!! Pasta Machine! Linguine was flying from pot to plate, pure artistic genius. :-D. (Until I found a piece dangling from the kitchen curtain this morning and I was like "Woah, dude! How'd you get there?!).
This Linguine was soooo gooood, I have to share the recipe with you......

Creamy Linguine
1 500g packet of Linguini
1tsp crushed garlic (heaped)
1 medium onion finely chopped
1 tin of tomato puree
Use same tin for water
1 punnet 500g mince (ground beef)
1 punnet 250g chopped mushrooms
2 tsp steak and chops spice
1 tblsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 250ml pouring cream
Some grated cheese of your desire (food is all about desire peeps, don't be shy!)

Boil some water in your kettle and pour into pot, set on high, add a dash of oil and a pinch of salt. Bomb your linguine in the boiling water and cook til el dente.  (Using hot water from the kettle, cuts down your cooking time greatly).
In another pot, heat oil, fry onions and garlic together, add mince (ground beef) and mushrooms and fry till done - on medium heat. Add all spices and give it a mad stir. Add your tomato puree, sugar and water and simmer for a few minutes, just before serving, add the cream. Bomb your sauce over the linguine and toss it through very well.
Once plated, grate some cheese over. We like mature cheddars and parmesan, but basically you can use any cheese that tickles your pickles. And Bob's your aunty!!! Creamy Linguine, easy peasy and covered in cheesy :-D

As you know, my family just luuurve the sweet stuff, so in honour of hitting the sweet spots; I have a Home Made Condensed milk recipe just for you. (Although, once again, this baby takes a good few hours, so do it over a weekend when you have some free time.)

Home Made Condensed Milk
1 litre of full cream milk
1 cup (250g) of white sugar.
1tsp vanilla essence
A blob of butter

In a sturdy bottom pot, pour the litre of milk, add the sugar and vanilla essence and simmer on low heat. The milk should NEVAH bubble; this aint a Witch's Brew, peeps.  Keep stirring occasionally so that it doesn't burn. Do this for the next 6 hours (I promise to do a quick dessert recipe tomorrow and redeem myself).
Once the milk has evapourated, you're basically left with one cup of condensed milk from an entire litre of milk, after the 6 hours and after the milk is now condensed, plop in your small blob of butter.
And there you have it! Your very own home made condensed milk.

And might I add, that home made tastes SOOOO much better than store bought, but, to its credit, store bought is quicker. Even I can deny that. At least now you know you can show off a bit and brag that you know how to make home made condensed milk, people will be in awe! LOL!

Keep it sweet, keep it creamy! Peace out peeps
Chef Shants xxxxxx

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