Monday, 18 February 2013

Fancy Cupcakes

Hi All!

HApPy MoNdAy!! Although for us normal people its usually considered "Moanday". I reckon we should start a petition for 3 day weekends, lol, bring on the dotted line peeps, my signature is first. Hahaha. :P So in honour of the upcoming weekend here's a cool idea for some quality time with your kids:

Although I'm a chef I tend to enjoy cooking and baking simpler dishes when I'm at home; after all I'm a busy mommy too but that's for during the week. Weekends is when the fun really starts because that's when my girls and I can  get some quality time in. Every child loves cupcakes and whipping up a batch with them on a Saturday morning can be an awesome treat. Especially once the cupcakes are cooled down and its time to decorate! We tend to try and keep Craig out of the kitchen during this specific part of baking otherwise we'd end up with no it is the girls tend to "taste- test" quite a bit themselves. And being the clever mom that I am, I tend to take these said cupcakes as a picnic treat to the park, in this way the girls can run out their sugar rush to their hearts content and all my furniture and curtains survive to see another day.

Baking cupcakes not only is a great way to spend quality time with your kids but its also a great way to get them to learn about the kitchen too. Not to mention they'll be able to fly with their imaginations and get to eat their very own creations as well. Try making 3 different types of icing, buy candies and sprinkles, crushed nuts and fruits and let them go ape! There's nothing quite like seeing the joy on their faces as they say "Look what I made Mommy, its a fairy!" and you say "WOW my sweetie, that looks amazing!" ......when all you really see is a blob of pink icing and 3 smarties in a squiggle.
I found these  cool cupcake pics and thought I'd share them as ideas with you. Really, with cupcakes, the sky is the limit, so get your aprons on, your creativity revving and let your imagination soar!  And once all them lovely cupcakes are done, you can always get the kids to help with the dishes too! ........not that the dishes would be hard to wash 'coz by now they'd be pretty much licked clean.

Have a sweet week peeps!

Chef Shants xxxxx

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