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Fusion Foods: Korma and Naan

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So yesterday was Monday, so naturally it follows that today is Tuesday, and for today I have one of our favourite weekend meals we love to make. I also recently found out that two very special people I know, Jan Horak and Don Munro,  also love the following dish, so boys, this ones for you!
Korma and Naan Bread Craig and Shants Style (not Gangnam Style hey!.......) :-D

Korma is absolutely divine! No jokes peeps, you GOTTA try this dish! Its a fusion of two cultures, both Indian and Turkish, and it'll leave you begging for more!  Ok, so I must confess to you, the reason this dish is so flippen awesome and the meat so tender it melts in your mouth like butter ..... and why we like to make it on a weekend, is coz it takes 6 to 7 hours to make. Aaaaandd......this is where I hear shouts of astonishment......I can literally hear you going "WHAT?" And probably with your one (or both) eyebrows  raised too. But hear me out. You will NOT be disappointed. So on to the recipe we go.....

1kg cubed, deboned meat of your choice. (Lamb/beef/chicken/pork)
1tsp wet masala
1tsp Garum masala
2tsp tumeric
2tsp steak and chops spice
1 tsp braising seeds
1tsp Cayenne pepper (for Don and Jan, up this to 3tsp or one big tablespoon)
1 medium onion finely chopped
1 bunch of fresh dhania (coriander/cilantro) finely chopped - keep some aside for naan
1 500ml plain Bulgarian yoghurt
1 250ml cup of sour cream
1 tin of tomato puree
1 tblsp crushed garlic
1tsp biriyani mix
100g finely grated ginger
Some oil
Salt to taste


In a thick bottomed pot heat oil, fry onions and garlic together. Add meat and fry on medium heat until meat is browned and cooked through. Add all spices and continue to stir and fry on medium heat until spices are cooked into meat. Add salt. Add the tin of tomato puree and use the same tin to add water. Add in the yoghurt and the sour cream, plus the ginger Pop in 3/4 of the fresh dhania. Keep stirring. Now pop on lid, turn temp right down on low and let it gently simmer for the next 6 hours,  while stirring occasionally so that it doesn't burn at the bottom.
Do a salt test, add more to suit your palate, and for pete's sake, stop licking the spoon! keep some korma for the naan! LOL;  now while that does its thing on the stove, let's make some naan. (You can also have this with rice but to me its just not the same)
Naan bread

1 egg
1 packet instant yeast
4 cups of flour
3 tblsp milk
1/4 cup of sugar
200g of crushed garlic
The rest of the chopped dhania
Pinch of salt
Oil for frying
250ml luke warm water (not hot).


In a small cup dissolve the yeast in the 250ml luke warm water and set aside for ten minutes. In a bowl, break the egg, add the yeast, salt, sugar and milk and mix. Add your flour one cup at a time, mixing inbetween, till all the flour is used. It should resemble  a soft bread dough but it shouldn't be sticky at all. Place in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with clingwrap and set aside for an hour. Next take it out and knead the dough together with the dhania and garlic. Set aside two chopping boards, lightly floured and break off golf ball sized balls, place on chopping boards and cover. About an hour before you are ready to eat, lightly flour your rolling pin and roll the balls into thin, flat circles. Fry each naan bread in some oil on medium heat until golden brown on both sides, it literally takes just a few minutes, so watch these babies, they burn quite easily.. Serve hot or cool with the korma.

Craig and I absolutely love making this dish together. Although its quite a feat in our "Lover's Kitchen"; coz our kitchen is so tiny you have to walk out of it to change your mind, hahahahaha. And there you have it! Craig and Shants's Awesome Korma and Naan. So Saturday you can bake cupcakes with your kids and Sunday you can make Korma with your loved one. (Korma is better than Sunday roast by far!!!)
And just before I say bye for today, I'd like to mention that Yolandie Horak's blog is very entertaining! Please go check it out, the link is on the right hand side, Liani's link is also there. Go take a peek peeps, I know you want to!

Have a Spicy Hot day peeps!
Chef Shants and her sexy hubby xxxxxxxxx

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