Monday, 11 February 2013

Healthy Lunch box Ideas for your Kiddies

Hi All!

Hope you've enjoyed a fantastic weekend! I'm so blessed to live right next door to a park so the girls and I enjoyed a healthy picnic on Saturday and cooked a large roast together on Sunday, there's nothing like fresh air, good food and great company :)

Mother = Doctor, nurse, friend, psychologist, teacher, cook, cleaner, taxi-driver, list-maker  and super-hero. There is no doubt that moms are very busy people! Being a new mom can also be quite an interesting journey, this is the time when you learn which foods are good for your child and which aren't so good. I remember the first time I gave Akira coke and red viennas, the results were highly interesting and quite scary all at the same time, especially when she started climbing the walls and hanging from the curtain railings - all I remember saying to myself was "OH MY GIDDY AUNT!!"

Being a mom also means you want to help your children with their development and help them build healthy bodies and minds. All it takes is to start their day off with a GOOD breakfast, Mom.  I'm talking about something like weetbix with blueberries or jungle oats and apple slices, french toast made with low GI bread is great too and the choline in the egg will help with concentration and motor co-ordination development and the slowly digesting low GI bread will help balance out blood sugar levels so that they don't fall asleep during maths.

Next is packing them a really good lunch box for school. Red food colourants, artificial flavourants, preservatives and high sugar products are NOT what you want to give them, unless you'd like a letter from one very hysterical teacher.  Rather opt for healthier options like carrot and celery sticks, savoury or bran muffins (this helps with digestion too), slices of fruit and cheese, rice crackers with cottage cheese and chunks of pineapple, re-introduce the choline with deviled eggs and a handful of nuts, grapes and tuna sandwiches. Tuna is full of brain food :)
Add home-made muesli bars and yoghurt or provitas with marmite and cheese, mini sausage rolls and slices of cheese russians. Opt for bottled waters or fresh fruit juices which are high in natural sugars and nutrients instead of artificial squeeze juices or flavoured milkshakes. Gassy sodas aren't a very clever option moms and dads,  they rot the teeth and mind!

And I kid you not, getting your child involved in packing their own school lunches with you  not only ensures that they will eat everything you pack but also teaches them independence and good food choices from early on in life, besides, who says it isn't fun to prepare food with your kids?!

Healthy eating starts with YOU moms and dads so make sure your children get a balanced diet and you'll see how they flourish and grow.

Eat an apple today :)
Chef Shants xxxxx

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