Monday, 25 February 2013

Honey and mustard smoked Ribs and Mash

Hi all!!

What a fantastic weekend! I am proud to say I have finally sat my bum down and written my first ever children's book! I'm very excited about it and I'm hoping to see it in bookstores soon! Some other planning has yet to be done, but my dream is almost a reality!!! I'm so blessed to have been supported by so many people. Thanks to Patricia Gahagan, Cathy Matthews and Anschke Wessels for being my proof readers.

Thanks also Yolandie Horak for cracking that whip when I needed to be reminded that the book wasn't going to write itself and to  my husband, Craig, for giving up his valuable Pokemon time so that I could hog the pc. Much love peeps!

Honey and Mustard Smoked Spare Ribs and Creamy Mash Potato

On Friday night I celebrated the completion of
my book with some yummy honey and mustard spare ribs and some creamy mashed potatoes. (I am a mashed potato fanatic).  And thought I'd share my celebratory din- din with you.

We bought 2 packs of smoked spare ribs from the butcher so all I did was set my oven to 150C, in a 250ml cup I mixed some honey with a teaspoon of dijon mustard. With a basting brush I basted the ribs completely and drizzled with just a dash of oil. I roasted these for about an hour, checking on them the whole time in case they were ready before the hour was up.  I made some creamy mash to go with that:

Creamy mash
10 medium, soft boiling potatoes, peeled and chopped
Some salt
250ml milk
250ml pouring cream
(When I'm feeling decadent, I also grate some cheese in while I'm mashing it up like a NASCAR racer).

I boiled the kettle and poured that into my big pot (it halves the cooking time a lot), then I bombed in some salt and the potatoes. I cooked them till they were soft and strained the water. I then added a big blob of butter and mashed it like mad. (I don't like lumpy mash at all!). I then added the milk and mashed it a bit more. I added salt to taste and then the pouring cream. (Insert grated cheese here) . I don't like my mash too stiff nor too runny, its up to you how you like the consistency of your mash so use either more or less milk and cream depending on the way you like it.

Once my ribs were done, I dished up some mash and some ribs for us and we had it with a glass of milk, lol. (Although milk is probably not the right drink to have with this yummy dish! - so what! I like it anyway!!!). I was also gonna make some green salad with it but I just didn't have the energy after the day I had, but its not a bad idea to have some greenery with this too.

And this was our celebratory plate of food! The pics don't actually do it justice, I have to take them using my phone and that kinda doesn't always capture how tasty it really is, the camera left my ribs looking a bit on the dry side, but they were actually pretty nummy! Thanks to the piggy for his sacrifice! (Sorry veggie peeps <3).

Happy eating peeps!
Chef Shants xxxxx

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