Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Italian Risotto

Bonjourno, Come Stai miei amici?

So here we are, midweek again,  so just two more days to go then we have the weekend baby!! I was hoping to see that 3 day weekend petition up and running already hahahahaha, but alas, its not to be.
For today's Vegetarian dish I want to bring your attention  to Italian Risotto. Italian foods are famous in my house seeing as my Italian Stallion hubby is partially Italian <3 (I know hey, lucky me!). Risotto is awesomely tasty and is made using a fat and starchy rice. For example: Italian Arborio, Nano, Maratelli, Vialone or Roma rice. I like to switch using chicken broth to using veggie broth and  wine when I feel like a total veggie-tarian dish. So for my true vegetarians peeps, you don't need to use the chicken broth, you can use veggie broth instead.

Italian Risotto:
Olive oil (yes, the Italians use it too)
1 1/2 very finely chopped onion
1/2 cup per person of dry italian rice
4 cups of chicken broth (or veggie broth)
White wine
Parmesan cheese
Pinch of saffron
cup of chopped spinach
Cup of chopped asparagus
Cup of chopped Porcini Mushrooms
2tsp garlic (I add this coz Craig loves garlic)

In a heavy based frying pan heat your garlic and your onion, gently fry on medium till onions are cooked through. Add your rice and coat it thoroughly with the oil. Stir fry this gently for a few minutes. Slowly add your broth a cup at a time so that the rice stays wet but is never completely covered in liquid. Once that cup of liquid is absorbed by the rice, you can now add another. Remember to keep stirring! (Its good for your biceps anyway lol). Lower your plate temperature and let it simmer stirring all the time so your risotto doesn't stick. At this point you can swop some of the broth for some wine, you can follow the same method with the wine as with the broth. Now, once your rice is completely cooked, add your other ingredients. And give it a light toss through.

I like to add a bit more Parmesan cheese over the top with some raw garlic and chopped chillies on the side. Craig also tends to enjoy the rest of the wine with the Risotto too. We like to break the heaviness of the starch with a green, leafy salad made with olives, feta and cherry tomatoes.

This is one stunning dish and its such an easy recipe too. Now you can enjoy some good ole Italian food  in your very own kitchen as well :) We tend to normally have Italian Gelato for dessert just to round off the meal. I will share our Gelato recipe next week Wednesday.

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And remember my peeps.........healthy eating promotes healthy living!!

Ciao miei amici!
Chef Shants xxxxxx

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