Thursday, 28 February 2013

Salty Chihuahua, Pina Colada, Yogi-Gulp and Butterbeer!!!

Hi peeps
It has been hot, Hot, HOT here in Durbs, South Africa! That's why they call us the country's "playground". And with it being so hot, my poor kids and hubby have been walking around with their tongues wagging out like good ole Fido. It got me thinking that doing some beverage recipes would be a great way to cool off. Now here I must add, I am a non-alcoholic. My idea of the puuurfect sundowner is a sweet cuppa tea - hell, I like tea so much that Craig has even threatened to install an IV Tea drip for me, hahaha. So with the alcoholic drinks, I've also added two non-alcoholic drinks too.

The Salty Chihuahua
I just love the way this rolls off the tongue! Its just so much fun to say!

To make this drink you will need: 1 litre tequila, 4 cups of lemonade, some lime juice and wedges, ice and some coarse salt.  Use the lime juice to wet the rim of the glass, rub it in the coarse salt. Plop some ice blocks in the glass and pour in the tequila and lemonade. Squeeze in some lime juice, give it a stir and decorate with a lime wedge!

Pina Colada - Naomi Barnett Farrar, this ones for you!!
Even though I don't drink, I just love the smell of this beverage. Its just so Durbs!

You need 2 bags of Pina Colada mix, 1 cup of crushed pineapple in its juice, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, 2 tots of rum, 8 ice cubes, 1/4 cup whipping cream and some cherries.  Bomb all the ingredients, except the cream, into a blender and blend well. In a bowl whip your cream till its soft peak. Pour into glasses and then stir in the cream, decorate with the cherries. Num! Num! I'd risk a sip of this little gem!

Choc Chip Banana Yogi-Gulp
1kg choc chip yoghurt
3 cups of milk
1 cup choc ice cream
3 bananas mashed finely.
This is my very own recipe for my girls. Just take all the ingredients and blend in a blender very well. Serve with a banana or a chocolate finger.

Yeup, you guessed it! This is the very drink featured in Harry Potter. I've always wanted to try it and I'm sure you Harry Potter fans feel the same as I do. (There are other versions, but this one is pretty cool)
4 cups ginger ale, 2 tsp butter, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon.
In a microwaveable jug, heat the ginger ale until it is hot but not boiling. Stir in the sugar and butter and cinnamon until its all deliciously melted together. You might want to be quite gentle when stirring, otherwise your butterbeer is gonna fizz right over the top of the jug!

ITS FRIDAY tomorrow! WOOHOO! The perfect night for inviting your peeps over for dinner and trying out some Pina Colada and Salty Chihuahuas. But remember, don't drink and drive and always arrive alive!

Keep it cool, peeps!
Chef Shants (and her ever present cuppa tea)xxxxx

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