Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sexy Aphrodisiacs and Euphoria


I hope that naked little cherub has shot his heart-shaped arrow at you today and seeing as its the day of luuurve, I've decided to be a bit risqué and share some of my sexy food tips with you that induce euphoria, heat your blood and get your skin tingling. Yes, I'm talking aphrodisiacs baby! You might wanna grab a pen and paper and jot down these titillating little tidbits...

Last week I told you that I have a special play list with all my fav cooking songs. One such song is "I Like" sung by the very talented John Ireland in his extremely sexy voice (you might wanna add this kinky little gem to your romantic dinner play list, its sure to cause a rise while you wine and dine by candlelight :P). Not only can John sing but he also has his own delicious aphrodisiac ideas, how about:

Cold ice-cream taken with a sticky spoon. Syrup apricots with lots of cream to make it wilder. Tangerine Liqueurs supplement the body juices while Cognac Trifle gives the skin a taste of almonds.
Lemon cream
Forbidden fruits and
Kinky Capers.

Sounds delish right?! How about giving your loved one a Sushi Bouquet instead of a Flower Bouquet? 

Then serve a divine tray of nawty,  sexy foods that include avocado, nuts, dark chocolate, ruby grapes, figs, strawberries and oysters. Each of these foods contain high levels of zinc, seratonin, B6 and hormone-inducing amino acids, all of which enhance the libido considerably. By the by, did you know that oysters happened to be associated with Aphrodite and because they resemble the female genitalia, they are considered the Culinary Worlds no.1 aphrodisiac? Make sure you shake a bit of Tabasco sauce over these beauties for a lovely little kick.

Serve dark chocolate petit fours or chili-chocolate mousse for the  ultimate decadence and sip down that smooth treat with a bottle of bubbly that fizzes in your mouth and on your body too.  Melt some chocolate down to drizzle on your lovers *ahem* interesting places *wink wink, nudge nudge*  then feed each other  soft cheeses like Camembert and Brie on a salty biscuit or delicate bites of red velvet cake covered in sweet icing.

Nothing is more intimate than feeding each other in soft candlelight while wearing that lacy lengerie and those scandalous heels :-D.

So have you gotten  this all written down? Good! Now go forth and tantalize!!

Wishing ya'll a sexy culinary valentines peeps!

With love
Chef Shants xxxxx

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