Thursday, 28 March 2013

Eat Like Jared Padalecki

Hi peeps

Okay well its Easter weekend so with the public holiday tomorrow and monday I will only blog again on Tuesday. Hope ya'll have your Easter eggs ready and painted and remember the true meaning behind Easter too. Its not all about the eggs either.

Right, well, today we Eat Like Dean Winchester's brother, Sam Winchester. Jared Tristan Padalecki plays Sam Winchester and he is 6 foot 4 inches tall (wow that's huge, Craig is 6 foot 2 inches!) And they even make jokes about it in the Supernatural series. Crowley gives Sam the nicknames "Jolly Green"; "Moose" and "Giraffe"; because of his height. Jared's favourite food is cheeseburgers with lettuce and mustard and he adores Italian Food. His favourite book is The Great Gatsby and his favourite movie is Good Will Hunting. Jensen was Jared's best man at his wedding; he married Genevieve Cortese (who played the part of Ruby) and they have a child together. Jared was also born in Texas like Jensen. Seems Texas boys are sexy, hahahha.
Jared and Jensen are quite close (in a non bromance kinda way) and get along like a house on fire. So today I am gonna do a cool burger recipe for our friend, Jared.

Craig's Homemade Beef Patties:

1kg beef minced meat
1tablespoon Portuguese Steak Spice
1tsp black pepper
1tblsp Braai Spice (BBQ spice)
2tsp of salt
1tsp Rosemary
1tsp crushed garlic
1tsp sweet basil
2 eggs
Some flour

Bomb your mince in a bowl and add your spices and the garlic. Mix well with your hands. Now crack in the eggs and mix again, slowly add flour until the meat is binded. Divide the meat mixture into 8 equal portions, roll into balls and then flatten into your desired thickness. Fry as directed below. (this makes 2 patties each for a family of 4)

Craig's homemade beef patties.
Fried Eggs
Tomato slices
Carmalized onions
Fried mushrooms
Sweet mustard or bbq sauce.
Fresh seeded buns
Some butter
Black pepper

Fry your onions and mushrooms together and add the patties and bacon to the mix, let them all fry together with some garlic and black pepper.
Slice your buns (hahahaha); butter and then build your burger with all the ingredients. Once you've added the meats then bomb some sweet mustard in the juices and toss it through, you can use that as your burger sauce.

We made these burgers ourselves and they were totally amazing! For some reason I find that home made burgers are always the best! And home made patties even better than store-bought ones.
Enjoy your family this Easter and be safe while driving to your destinations! See you on Tuesday again!

Happy Easter!
Chef Shants xxxxx

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