Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Eve Rich's Savoury Scones :)

Hi peeps!

I gotta say I just love my family. Forrest Gumps' Box O' Chocolates has NOTHING on my dizzy fandamily and I just luurve them all to bits and pieces; seeing as the whole box of us are nuttier than squirrel poo. I had such a lovely discussion with Anschke Wessels (her blog link is on the right!), we are 'apparently' gonna start designing our own range of Designer Nappies - it branched out from there to soema include Lip Nappies (don't ask.....) and a new range of Nappy Cakes. Here we are still deciding on calling the range either Nakes or Cakkies. (Although I said to Annie that "cakkie" sounds like something you might find IN a nappy!) A cakkie nappy.......oooh eh eh...... LOL :-D

 HA HAAA! Aah well.....if you breathe, you're alive and if you're alive, you can dream....
Today I am quite privileged to introduce you all to my wonderful mom-in-law; Eve. I am now sitting here enjoying a nice cuppa tea with her - we are such teapots! This awesome lady is so talented! You must see her paintings...totally amazing and she even designed my gorgeous wedding dress too!! My mom is very good with baking; her cheesecake speaks in languages (mostly english..... but you know what I mean :P) and her carrot cake is DIVINE!! You want delicious biscuit recipes? Mom Eve is the Queen of biscuits! (Just don't ask her to grill ribs or make rice.....that always ends in the family rolling on the floor, biting chunks outta the carpet! I still love you any way mom!! LOL). But I guarantee that these scones are so delicious that they gonna make your mouth wanna scrumch on them and not chunks of carpet. So here's Eve's awesome recipe:

2. cups self raising flour
1. pinch salt
1. level tsp origanum
25 ml finely chopped onion
25 ml finely chopped yellow pepper
25 ml finely chopped red pepper
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
10g butter or margarine
+- 25 ml milk
1 tsp mustard
Sift all dry ingredients together , rub in butter or margarine till resembles crumbs , add in milk mix very well till drop consistency . Grease oven tray , add table spoonfuls of mixture onto oven tray , bake at 180 degrees , for +- 15 mins till golden brown on top , serve hot with butter or margarine . Makes +- 12 .

Too cool really! Well I'm off to bake scones and drink tea with mom Eve and then design more Nakes and Cakkies with cousin Annie....
Chef Shants xxxxx

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