Monday, 11 March 2013


Hi all!

I wanna scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both Don Munro who had his bday this weekend and also to my beautiful cuzzie, Charne Wessels, whose bday is today!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

I had such an awesome weekend. I spent Saturday with my adopted mother, Deserae Van Wyk and two of my baby chicks; doing what girls do best! Shopping and breakfast :-D Sunday I spent with my chicks baking in the kitchen; unfortunately I couldn't bake Don a cake coz he lives too far and BBM hasn't quite developed a "send cake" option; but I was granted the opportunity to bake a cake for Charne and decided to spoil her with a Chocolate Mousse cake!

I made Chocolate Mousse Cake on Friday and didn't have a slice coz I'm trying to be really good. As a matter of fact, I even posted the following comment on my fb wall.....: Dear Slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake........YOU SHALL NOT SWAY ME WITH YOUR JEDI MIND TRICKS!!!!.......The Fork is strong with me!!!!!!! And lucky it was. But, seeing as I couldn't enjoy a slice, I decided that Charne should have for her birthday!

Right, well....let me tell you a little something about chocolate mousse cakes. They're stuffin' hard to make. No jokes, there's cake and layers and ganache and the mousse and chocolate cream itself and and and.......and I just think that easy recipes are probably the best way to go. This chocolate mousse cake was literally ready in record time. All I did was buy a ready-mix pack of instant chocolate mousse and follow the instructions on the pack. It was awesome coz all it required was water and 250ml of whipped cream, tennis biscuits and butter. I added the caramel, cherries and chocolate icing; the kitkat fence with a ribbon and all that to just to make it more tasty and make it look darn pretty for my cuz; and I added buckets, spades and wheelbarrows of love into the mix too.

So, Charne, hope you have a sweet and moussy day today hun! 24 is still young enough to be naughty and old enough to get away with it! Don, you are now in your dirty thirties so LIVE IT UP!! Wishing you both love and luck today and all days!

Much love, peeps!

Chef Shants xxxxx

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