Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What To Eat or What Not To Eat, That Is The Question!

Hi peeps!

YAY!!!!! I am so ecstatically uberly over the moon! My awesome cuzzie, Yolandie Horak (blog link on the right) and her hubby, Jan Horak are expecting their first baby together! The whole family is going absolutely nuts and I wanna say a HUGE congrats to them both! SO EXCITED!!!

So here, for Yolandie and for you if you're expecting, is a list of foods you can eat and what is best to avoid. Please bare in mind that there are still some debates over certain foods, but until it is settled, rather just be safe than sorry, yes!

What Foods You Can Eat:

1. Wholegrains
2. Berries (like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries etc)
3. Beans
4. Yoghurt

What to Avoid:

1. Soft Cheeses
Like Bree, Camembert and Chevre. Even Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Danish Blue should be avoided as they are ripened using a mould that may contain listeria bacteria which will cause Listerosis Infection thay can lead to severe illness, miscarriage or stillborn babies.

2. Raw or Unpasteurized Milk or Juice

3. Eggs
Always eat only very well done eggs. Don't eat homemade mayo or drink eggnogg as eggs can contain Salmonella and lead to severe food poisoning. Remember, your immune system is changing now due to your bun in the oven; so that makes you more susceptible to getting infections and illnesses.

4. P`at`es
Goose liver Pate, even Veggie pate is a no-no. These can also contain Listeria.

5. Meat
Don't eat raw/underdone/bloody meat. Take care with vienna type sausages and minced meats; even cold meats should be avoided, or at least stick your sarmie in the micro and nuke it to kill any parasites first. Also try avoid bacon and sausage as they are nitrate rich which isn't good for baby and is linked with brain tumours.

6. Fish
Certain fish such as raw shellfish, sushi, shark, swordfish, should be avoided completely as they are methyl mercury enriched and mercury can stay in your system for up to four years. So if you are trying to get preggers, rather avoid these fishies. Oily fish such as tuna, should be eaten in very small doses. Smoked and pickled fish should also be avoided as the "off" smell could be stifled and damaged cans could contain Botulism or Listeria.

7. Liver
Liver pates and spreads are high in VITAMIN A. Too much vitamin A is extremely bad for baby so avoid rich in vitamin A foods and supplements.

8. Alcohol.
Some studies show that a glass of wine a day won't do damage but I think its best to abstain completely for your health as well as baby's. Excessive alcohol intake can cause FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).

Having one cup of coffee a day is fine but remember, caffeine is in certain foods and even in certain medicines (cough mixtures) and in soft drinks too. So read the label!!! Too much caffeine can cause miscarriages or even low birth weight for baby

10. Wash all your fruits and veggies thoroughly
Salmonella, E.Coli and Toxoplasmosis can be found in soil or dirts left on veggies and fruits; so wash them very well before preparing. Eating cooked food is better than eating it raw because you immediately lower the risk of picking up a tummy bug. Once again; your immune system is changing now and you are more vulnerable; so what might be a mild case of the runny tums for someone not pregnant; can cause severe dehydration, hospitalization and even death for you. Cheerful isn't it?

SO WASH YOUR VEGGIES AND FRUITS WELL!!! And make sure all your meat and eggs are cooked through till not even a Vet will be able to save them!

Look after yourselves moms-to-be and congratulations!!

Chef Shants xxxxx

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