Friday, 5 April 2013

Eat Like Sofia Vergara

Hi All!

YEA, you can feel it too, right?! Its FUnKy FriDaY and the weekend is here again. WOOHOO!!! Let's kick off today's blog with some info on our Eat Like celeb today. Her name is Sofia Vergara and she is one hot and curvy Latino mama! This woman has all the right curves, in all the right places and her eyes are stunning too. How does this 40 year old beauty from Modern Family do it? What's her secrets? So far, Sofia's tips for being sexy are as follows: LAUGH! Loud and proud coz it relieves stress. PLAY UP YOUR BEST FEAUTURES, she adores her eyes which are a natural cats-eye shape and never leaves the house without lipstick on. CONFIDENCE, we are all stunning women just as we are; curvy and voluptuous women can also be just as sexy as the slimmer ladies! Its all in the confidence you have in yourself and the confidence you walk with.

But what does she eat? You ask......And you're never gonna be able to believe this, but Sofia eats whatever she likes! Her breakfasts normally consist of fresh fruit juices and fruits and an omelette with wholewheat toast. She will have chicken and rice for lunch and even a pasta for supper! But she does say that even though she eats these foods, she also doesn't go completely overboard with the rice and pasta. "Its all about portion control" she says, and I totally agree. We tend to forget that there is no such thing as a bad food, more like bad eating habits. Once you know your food pyramid and you also fit a bit of physical exercise into your daily routine; your curvy body can soon be exactly the way you want it to be. Sofia has also admitted that she even eats a slice of cake a day because, after all, she works it off with a good session of latino dancing. Her other favourites include: Johnny Depp (WOOHOO, ME TOO, GIRLFRIEND!!), real lipstick not lipgloss and her favourite eyeliner which she's used for years. Her favourite flowers are orchids and she loves her son, Manolo to bits!

Another one of Sofia's awesome tips is to carry lollipops in her handbag to overcome her sugar cravings instead of chowing down on half a pound of strawberry mousse cake at every given opportunity. I love the lollipop idea but also reckon that an apple would also suffice.
After all, if I had to chew on lollipops all day, I'd be worried about getting cavities!!!

And here we conclude our Eat Like today, after all, Sofia has so many favourite foods and eats almost anything (within a reasonable portion amounts coupled with some exercise) and there's been so much info on her today that I reckon there wasn't any real need for a recipe. But I will be back on Monday with some awesomely awesome Kitchen Tips and a new recipe. Don't forget to give me a shout at if you'd like to add your own recipe to the blog or just to rant and rave.

Have a voluptuous weekend, peeps!

Chef Shants xxxxx

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