Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Restaurant Review: Craft Trattoria

Hi all!
Thanks to my mom Eve and dad Brian, Craig's parents for watching the kids so Craig and I could enjoy some time together. I thought I would review Craft while we enjoyed our dinner.
Craft Trattoria is an Italian restaurant situated on the corner of Adelaide Drive and 35 Newport Avenue in Glen Ashley; Durban; KZN. This restaurant caters for walk-ins as well as private party functions. To make a booking call 031 562 1926.

Decor; Style and Ambiance:
The view of the Indian Ocean from outside the restaurant is stunning. It was lovely to sit and sip my Santa Vittoria while ship-watching! Sitting at tables made of old Singer Sewing machine stands; the rustic red; white; charcoal and beige decor- coupled with wood finishes- lends a clean and relaxing finish and creates a comfortable and homey ambiance. Adding to the ambiance is soft lighting and traditional, Italian music; noise levels in the restaurant are maintained at an acceptable and easy level; making a wonderful dinner possible. A giant pair of red lips serves as a hatch to serve drinks to customers outside, welcome to Craft's Lip Service! Although; the bar has been strategically placed to accommodate both the non-smokers seated inside and the smokers seated outside. A gigantic white fork wraps itself around a lamp pole at the entrance, which I found to be a funky and quirky touch. A mish-mash of odd chairs, wooden stools, couches and perspex seating; blended with these amazing tables; not only somehow just work but add to the homey feel of the restaurant. This is a restaurant that makes you feel comfortable and at peace and is wonderful for the kids too. The wood pizza oven also adds that personal touch and gives the restaurant a truly warm glow (excuse the pun!).

Waiters and Service:
The waiters uniforms are trendy, yet casual and their friendly personalities make you feel immediately like you're at a home away from home. Our waiter's name was Tod; the service we received from him was astounding! His chatty and witty conversation made our evening that much more comfortable and welcoming and his fast and efficient service was nothing short of impressive to say the least.
The GM:
General Manager, Guy Wood, has a magnetic smile and knows how to run a tight ship. His attention to small details really sets Craft at a high standard and one can see that his staff strives to maintain that high standard as well. I was delighted to be offered a blanket while sitting at an outside table and the wind picked up unexpectedly. Its this attention to guests needs that really make a restaurant stand out from the rest.
A fully stocked bar is offered; traditional Italian drinks to the best wines; cocktails; beers and shooters are available. The variety of beverages offered should cover most palates. The barmen even go out of their way to mix drinks on your request, even if they are off-menu, this adds a delightful personal touch.
Parking and Outside:
There is parking around the restaurant but its best to come early for a prime spot. Trees and shrubberies line the stairway and the outside of the restaurant; in my opinion; I feel it could do with a bit more attention and sprucing up to compliment the amazing restaurant itself. I must add though; I loved the herbs that were planted in pot plants around the outside seating area.
The Restroom:
This was my first experience with a unisex restroom and the humour depicted on the door signs as well as the busy array of books and busts on the shelf above the loo; made my restroom break one very interesting experience!
Our Food:
For starters we had Saldanha Bay mussels in a wine, parsley; garlic and farm cream sauce. Aranchini della Etna volcanoes and a spinach, ricotta and chorizo rotolo. The ritolo was suggested by our waiter and he was spot on! My taste buds still tingle at the memory of those divine blends of flavour! For mains we had a chicken caesar salad and a 300g lazy aged rump steak. Dessert was Tiramisu and Espresso Panacotta. Our food came in record time; the presentation was five star and the flavours were amazing. I was blown away by the Rotolo and the panacotta. Excellence reigns on the gorgeous plates of Craft Trattoria! The relaxing atmosphere of Craft belies the immaculate culinary explosion of
a truly impeccable, masterfully prepared plate of food at a truly amazing price! *Sigh*..... I was in my Utopia.... :-D
Our beverages were Earl Grey tea and Columbian Aggressive Chocolate coffee.


Overall, this restaurant is a splendid notch in Glen Ashley's belt and the people and tourists of Durban are richer for having this delightful restaurant in the neighbourhood and I rate it a succulent 8 /10. To all the staff and management at Craft: Guy, Sam, Riki and especially Tod; who were on duty this evening; and thanks to Brendon and his kitchen brigade for one truly memorable night! I would definately recommend a dinner at this jewel of a restaurant and can guarantee that Craft has made it to number 2 on my list of all-time favourite places to eat. Watch this space for this restaurant is going places!!
Do yourself a favour and make your booking today!
Chef Shants xxxxx

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