Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Thai Green Curry Paste and Thai Green Curry

Hi peeps!
Its good to be back after all the long weekend and all the Easter Egg hunts! Hoping everyone arrived safely to and from their destinations. The girls really enjoyed time with their friends over the weekend and were feeling pretty stoked with all the easter eggs they found. Nevermind the fact that they were running like mad hooligans all around the yard squashing choc eggs into their mouths as they found them. Its all good fun. Well; after all the sweetness of this weekend, I have been in the mood for something deliciously spicy and there's nothing better than a great Thai Green Curry especially if its made with home-made Thai Green Curry paste. So let's get cooking!
Thai Green Curry Paste:
20 large, fresh green chillies
3 finely chopped onions
10 cloves of peeled garlic
1 tblsp shrimp paste
1 tblsp peppercorns
2 lemongrass stalks (green part only as the white part is bitter), sliced in rings
3cm peeled ginger root
6 basil leaves
1 bunch fresh coriander leaves
1 lime, zest and juice.
2 tblspns fish sauce
1 tsp coarse sea salt
1tblsp toasted coriander seeds
1 tblspn toasted cumin seeds

Pound together the cumin, coriander, salt and peppercorns in a pestle and mortar till it is a fine powder. Mix all other ingredients into a food processor and pulse, now add the seeds into the processor and blend till its a fine paste. You can store it in a sterilized glass jar. This stuff is spicy on its own, but the individual flavours just come together in the most brilliant burst of flavour! Its also a good Christmas/ birthday gift idea for those peeps who aren't heavy into the sweet stuff.

Thai Green Curry
1 tblspn oil
500g chunky chopped skinless chicken breast
2 tblspns home made curry paste
1 (or more) cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water
2 lme leaves
1 tblsp fish sauce
1tbslp lime juice
2 tsp brown sugar
1 bunch roughly chopped coriander leaves.

1 heat your oil, fry the onions, curry paste and sugar together for about 2 mins.
2. Add in your chicken and toss through till sealed. Add your coconut milk and water to make sure the chicken is properly covered.
3. Simmer uncovered for 20 mins then add fish sauce and coriander leaves. Toss through for about 3 minutes.
4. Serve with steamed rice.
Serves 4.

Now how quick and easy is that?! Fabulous, hey! Oh, and this weekend I was deeply honoured to be made a part of the Super Mom Generation Page on Facebook. The page is owned by Wendy Pedder and she's absolutely lovely! The other ladies on the page are also awesome! Tatum Pi, Tammy Mah, Mandy Smith and Niki Singh are all worth a mention. A totally awesome group of ladies. And, not forgetting, but proud to announce that Yolandie Horak has also joined the page for some daily make up tips and cool tutorials. So if you're up for some great company, hop on over to the Super Mom Generation Page on Facebook and come join us for some good, clean chats and laughs. Hope to see you there!

Keep it green and spicy today, peeps! Peace out!
Chef Shants. Xxxxx

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