Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Heavy Metal, Steampunk and Gothic Cakes

Hi peeps!

Last week I shared some awesome pink cake ideas with you. They were pretty great hey?! Well, I was struggling a bit with insomnia the one night last week and decided to look up more weird and wonderful cake ideas, it got me thinking what types of decorated cakes there are out there. I came across these cakes and had to share them with you. The drumkit cake is my favourite! But I gotta say that the details on the Steampunk cakes are AMAZING! The gothic cakes are more my style as I'm weird that way but I guess its all a matter of preference too. Its my hubby's birthday tomorrow and I asked him what type of cake he wanted....seems the chocolate mousse cake is famous in my family coz thats what he wants. Lol! Aaah well. At least I have Akiras birthday to be a bit more creative. Anyways, here are the favourite cakes that made my "WOW" list:



What do you think peeps? Excellent or a little too outlandish? All I can say is I applaud the hard work and dedication that it takes to create such masterpieces and once I've got my hands on my very own gumpaste kit, I'd like to be featuring some of my own wonderful creations for your perusal.

\m/ rock on peeps \m/
Chef Shants xxxxx

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