Monday, 13 May 2013

Momma's Original

And Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hi Moms!

First of all, I hope all the mommies out there had/ are having a spectacular Mother's Day! Yesterday was Mother's Day here in SA and I'd like to say a big I LOVE YOU!! to my wonderful moms: Mom Flora for raising me; Mom Des for refining me, Mom Eve for supporting me and Momma Cat for great advice. I consider myself and amazingly lucky woman to have so many wonderful ladies who guide me through life and support me through it all. Happy Mother's Day for yesterday and a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms around the world too!!! <3

I know so many amazing people and each of them add that much goodness to my life. One such amazing person is Cathy Matthews, whom I call Momma Cat. For years now we have been friends over facebook and this wonderful lady as been a huge part of my life even though she is all the way in America. Patricia Gahagan has become my facebook sister too. After many years of a solid friendship and many laughs and tears, I wish I had the means to visit both these "extended family members" in the U.S of A. As it is, Momma and I were chatting about recipes the other day and she gave me these amazing "Momma Originals" lol. I'm handing over to Momma Cat now to explain how her recipe goes:

‎​Shants a new recipe for you. Take a roll of Pillsbury French bread loaf. Take a cookie sheet and then place a layer of aluminum foil, enough to cover a good size cookie sheet, grease the aluminum completely. Take a tube of sausage and roll the sausage in tubes about the size of a regular sausage link, do not use pre made sausage links. It doesn't taste just as good. Take the french bread and cut down the center almost to the point that cuts in into half but not quite. Also while you are cooking the sausage also scramble sausage and scramble about three to four eggs. spread the eggs evenly over the sausage now sprinkle shredded cheese over the eggs and then sprinkle the scramble sausage over the cheese. Roll the bread up as best you can and then roll the foil around the whole thing to hold it together Place the roll in the over for about 10 minutes and place it in the over. Watch it because it will burn easily. When it is done take it out of the oven and cut it into slices. Serve with a little fruit and juice.It makes an attractive breakfast and it gives you another way to serve a standard breakfast with a twist and makes it different.

Give it a try and see how the kids like it. I recommend sharp cheddar for this because it gives it a little better flavor.This is also a great item for brunch. The nice thing about this is that you are not trying to time it with something else. Oh precook the sausage and with the rolls it doesn't as long to cook so watch them. this is a Cathy original. You also cute out jam and butter with this although you can spread a little butter over the before you start construction. It is good. Oh be careful because the foil will come out very hot. I just burned the crap out of my fingers. For another twist, make it with ham and cheese. It'll be a nice way to do a ham and cheese sandwich and you slice it like you would a normal loaf of bread.

And here's momma's Italian dressing with a twist:
Try a change on Italian dressing. Chop tomato, green onion and a mild hot pepper real fine and mix it with the Italian dressing. Its to die for.

Thank you so much for these Momma Original recipes, Momma Cat; they made my mouth water! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the end product but I'm sure it looked just as delicious as it tasted! But there are pics of these wonderful ladies! The lady with the short brown hair and specs is my mom Flora. The blonde lady with no glasses is mom Eve; the lady with my daughters is mom Des and the lady with the curly hair and dark glasses is Momma Cat. Aren't they gorgeous?!!!!

If you have recipes you'd like to share, please inbox me at with your recipe and a picture of your finished product. I will feature it on the blog. Many thanks again to all. Really, I cannot thank everyone enough for the amazing support and for viewing the blog.

Food Is Love Peeps and Love to all moms too!!!
Chef Shants and Momma Cat xxxxx

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