Thursday, 30 May 2013

More Weird Food!

Hi peeps!

HapPy biRthDay to my AMAZING dad!!! Have a fantastic day, dad and love you SO MUCH!!! Hope to celebrate with you soon!!!

My dad was the one who introduced me to the world of cooking and the love of food. A passion really! I owe so much to my awesome Pops.

Yesterday's weird food really freaked me out but I couldn't help but be so totally interested! I couldn't help myself, I needed to know more and because I'm so kind I had to share it with you again (*giggles naughtily*). Okay so let's see if these foods get any weirder than yesterday's wacky menu....

1. Codfish Sperm is served as a delicacy in parts of Asia. Scary thing is, they like to eat it raw. It resembles brains in the way these tight white tubes are dished up in odd balls and is considered to be quite delicious.

2. Mopane Caterpillars are chomped in Botswana. These caterpillars are either eaten raw or cooked with pap over an open fire. They can also be found in bottles of an alcoholic beverage called 'Mampoer'

3. Sannakji is eaten in China and is basically fresh, live octopus. take your fork and dig in but just watch out as those suckers on the tentacles can cause a major choking hazard as they stick to the inside of your throat. Apparently, the more it squirms, the better it tastes.

4. Tuna Fish eyeballs are even sold in supermarkets by the punnet in Japan. Yes, you guessed it, they eat it raw.

5. Stink bugs are a delicacy in Irian Jaya in Indonesia. Popped into the mouth and chomped just like that for a light snack.

6. Raw Herring is swallowed whole in parts of Holland. Just grab it by the tail, throw your head back and insert fish head first into your mouth.

7. Haggis from Scotland is well-known. Basically each household and restaurant have their own recipes to make the best Haggis. This dish is simply sheeps puck: heart, liver and lungs cooked with onion, oatmeal, spices and salt and then stuffed into a sheeps stomach and cooked for 3 hours more.

8. Muktuk is enjoyed by the Inuits in Alaska. This delicacy is frozen whale skin and blubber. It can be eaten raw or pickled, fried or breaded.

9. Rocky Mountain Oysters or Prairie Oysters have nothing to do with shellfish. No siree; peeps in Idaho, U.S.A take bull or buffalo testicles, flatten them and deep fry them. Apparently they've even got a festival where these "oysters" are enjoyed.

10. Fried Brain Sandwich. St. Louis, Missouri was quite popular for their fried cow brain sandwich before mad-cow disease broke out. The brain itself has not much taste so spices and herbs had to be added.

11. Birds Nest Soup is eaten in China. The birds nest is boiled with bird saliva and then made into a nutritional soup that is enjoyed all over China.

12. Hakari is said to be the WORST "delicacy" ever made anywhere according to one Mr Anthony Bourdain; who is well-known for travelling the world and bravely trying the weirdest delicacies from across our globe. This is gutted basking shark that has been left to ferment for oh.....about 3 to 4 months and diced up and served on toothpicks. We have the peeps from Iceland to thank for this one. The smell alone is enough to make anyone reconsider taking a bite.

Okay, I reckon between yesterday's blog and today's I've pretty much heard enough and seen enough weird and wonderful food for a while. I hope the goosebumps will finally go and my tum settles before I have to start dinner for tonight!

Hope you're stomachs are doing better than mine, peeps!
Chef Shants xxxxx

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