Monday, 24 June 2013

Akira's Birthday

Hi peeps!

Welcome back after the weekend and I hope ya'll had a good one.
I spent Saturday with my best friend and adopted mom; Des Van Wyk. We went shopping and had breakfast at the Wimpy. On Saturday evening; I baked Akira a chocolate cake and my darling hubby used his hitherto hidden decorative skills to ice and decorate her cake.

Sunday dawned and Akira is now 8 years old! It just shocks me every time one of their birthdays come around and I see the girls have gone from being beautiful babies in nappies; to growing into beautiful young ladies.

My mom and Nikke flew down to visit my gran on Thursday last week and lucky my gran stays just a few kilos from us; so we all got together to celebrate with Akira. It was a very special birthday because this is the first birthday that Akira got to spend with both her sisters and it really meant a lot to her. It was also the first birthday that my side of the family got to spend with her too. Sometimes staying so far apart isn't always a good thing.

But anyhoo; Akira thoroughly enjoyed her birthday and thanks to Ouma for the sweeties, cake and cooldrink and for the prezzies. And thanks from Akira to everyone in the family and to our friends - for all the birthday wishes and beautiful prezzies too!

We were also treated to a delicious Mac n Cheese by my beautiful sis-in-law; Evie too.

See ya'll tomorrow for some fab facts and another awesome recipe!

Peace out!
Chef Shants xxxxx

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