Monday, 10 June 2013

More holiday news

Hi peeps!

Thanks for bearing with me while I'm on holiday. I hope ya'll have had a brilliant weekend. This is what we did this weekend....

On Friday night my girls and I baked Viennese Fingers with a shapely twist.

Saturday dawned with me being absolutely spoiled with a girly makeover; makeup, nail polish...the works! We also had a lovely visit from my beautiful Aunty Karin and my nutty cousins; Larissa; Tanja and Annie - (her blog link is on the right...go check it out); Larissa's fiance, Eugene also made an appearance. We spent the afternoon having another makeover session and then Ouma did something crazy......she gave the girls these cans that squirt string!!! You shouldve seen what we looked like! What the yard looked like! But it was all in the name of fun.

Sunday we had a family braai (bbq for my overseas peeps). We had some friends over and had a blast! Here are some pics of our braai and our weekend....

See ya'll tomorrow with some more holiday news and another awesome recipe!

Much love peeps!
Chef Shants whose loving this holiday! Xxxxx

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