Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Our Long Weekend.

Hi peeps!

There was no blog featured yesterday coz it was a public holiday in SA. But anyways...
This is what happened over the weekend...

On Friday my mom, myself and the three girls went shopping at the Mall and ended up watching Epic 3D. It was an awesome movie; we also visited quite a few shops and had a savoury waffle at Milky Lane. (I had a savoury pancake). Crumbed Chops plus stuffed cheese and mushroom gemsquash was on the dinner menu. (My dad was a little grumpy coz we only gave him one...oops!)

On Saturday we were visited by my dearest cousin, Yolandie (her blog link is on the right) and her hubby Jan. I can't believe Yolandie has such a tiny baby bump for someone who is 18 weeks preggers!!! Crazy!!! Lol. It was awesome catching up with Yolandie because we stay so far apart and yet we are so alike its as if we were separated at birth, lol. Don't we just look stunning together?! Thanks Jan for your help with some tech stuff that was way beyond my little chef mind and thanks Landie for the books :) Yolandie has also finally got her first book on sale!! Its titled The Rise of the Exile Queen and its the first installment to her Evangellion Trilogy - I was honoured to be one of her proof readers and if you are a Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkien or Harry Potter fan; I swear this trilogy will excite and entertain you. I'm already hooked! Yolandie's book is now available for sale on Amazon.com so go check it out!!! The link is also on the right. Please support my cousin and buy her book; nothing means more to a first-time published author than support! There's also nothing like sharing a Big Mac with family and that's exactly what Landie and I stuffed our faces with. Jan was a little more braver and had a Jalapeno burger. Kudos Jan!

On Sunday my mom; dad and daughters plus myself went to the Oriental Plaza to do some shopping; it was a gorgeous shopping day today and then all three grand daughters snuggled with grampa to watch some kiddie movies. We also watched 007 Skyfall and Jeff Dunham's Mind the Monsters movie aswell. That dude cracks me up! Lol. It was also Father's Day and for those of you who are Dads....or soon-to-be Dads, Happy Belated Father's Day for today :) I ended up making us a delicious Country Stew with rice for dinner.

Monday (yesterday) was the public holiday so we slept in a little later than usual. I had a lot of sorting and packing to do. We had a visit from my mom's friends as well and I made home made hamburgers with my chicks for dinner. The girls and I also visited the swimming pool area and just fart-arsed around for a change of scenery; this was after I went to the shops with my dad. I've never seen a man who can push a trolley that fast and not damage someone before.....

Today I'm busy, busy, busy. Its pack day coz tomorrow is the great trek back home. Inbetween the packing I also have time for a quick hair cut. I'm quite heartsore that our holiday is finished but all good things come to an end sooner or later. Anyways peeps; I got some stuff that needs to be done before tomorrow, so keep well and keep safe and thanks so much for all your patience while I've been on holiday. The blog will be back to normal as of tomorrow, so thanks again.

Much much loves
Chef Shants xxxxx

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