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Our Children; Food and ADHD

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Firstly; CONGRATS to my cousin, Larissa and her new hubby, Eugene. They were married on Saturday and have now joined the rest of us in the Ball And Chain Gang. May your marriage be blessed and your lives be full.

Secondly; I apologize for the mix-up in posts. I forgot that Friday past was a public holiday in South Africa (where I live) and we don't post blogs on public holidays. That is why the blog intended for Friday was posted yesterday. I do apologize for my numb-brainy-ness lol.

Thirdly; (and here we begin today's blog, finally) I'm a bit of a facebook freak and belong to quite a few pages. This one page posted a picture of a rolled up belt with the caption: "the "original" cure for ADHD" and it caused such an outcry and mudslinging contest between the fans of the page. I understand both views of the argument but what caught my attention was the amount of parents whose comments would begin "I am a parent of an ADHD child...". To me it seemed incredulous that SO MANY parents seem to have ADHD/ ADD children these days compared to a few years ago. Its almost as if ADHD / ADD has reached a pandemic state of some sort.

WHY are so many children now being diagnosed with ADHD /ADD these days? WHY do so many children have behavioral/ mental/ health issues these days too? Is it the discipline we use or the lack of discipline? Are hundreds of children being incorrectly diagnosed as being ADHD/ ADD? Could it not be our diets during pregnancy? Or could it be the diets of our children today?
I cannot answer all these questions but I did take the time to research diet and food choices with regards to pregnancy and children with ADHD, we take a look at way may seem to be some of the additive culprits within the snack world:

ADHD and food additives
By Amanda Gardner
Will eliminating dye-containing foods from a child's diet help ADHD? Experts say there's not enough evidence to recommend this action, although a small subset of children may benefit.
Most studies of a possible link analyzed blends of additives, not single ingredients, making it difficult to find a culprit.
However, here's a list of additives that could aggravate attention problems, although none (with the exception of Yellow No. 5) has been studied alone in humans. A comprehensive list of dyes in food products can be found at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Blue No. 1
Also known as: Brilliant blue
What it is: A food coloring
Where you can find it: Frito-Lay Sun Chips French Onion and other Frito-Lay products; some Yoplait products; some JELL-O dessert products; Fruity Cheerios; Trix; Froot-Loops; Apple Jacks; Quaker Cap'N Crunch's Crunch Berries; some Pop-Tarts products; some Oscar Mayer Lunchables; Duncan Hines Whipped Frosting Chocolate; Edy's ice cream products; Skittles candies; Jolly Ranchers Screaming Sours Soft & Chew Candy; Eclipse gum; Fanta

Blue No. 2
Also known as: Indigotine
What it is: A food coloring
Where you can find it: Froot-Loops; Post Fruity Pebbles; Pop-Tarts products; Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Strawberry Supreme Premium Cake Mix; Betty Crocker Frosting Rich & Creamy Cherry; M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies; M&M's Milk Chocolate Peanut Candies; Wonka Nerds Grape/Strawberry; pet foods

Green No. 3
What it is: A food coloring, though rarely used these days
Where you can find it: Candy, beverages, ice cream, puddings

Orange B
What it is: A food coloring, but no longer used
Where you used to find it: Sausage casings

Red No. 3
Also known as: Carmoisine
What it is: A food coloring found only in a few types of food products
Where you can find it: Candy, cake icing, chewing gum

Sodium benzoate
What it is: A food preservative
Where you can find it: Fruit juice, carbonated beverages, and pickles
You’ll find sodium benzoate in abundance in acidic foods. It is used to stymie the growth of microorganisms, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Red No. 40
Also known as: Allura red
What it is: A food coloring and the most widely used food dye in the U.S., trumping both Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No. 6.
Where you can find it: Some Frito-Lay products; some Yoplait products; JELL-O Gelatin desserts; Quaker Instant Oatmeal; Trix; Froot-Loops; Apple Jacks; some Pop-Tart products; Kid Cuisine Kung Fu Panda products; Oscar Mayer Lunchables products; Hostess Twinkies; some Pillsbury rolls and frostings; some Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines products and much much more.

Yellow No. 5
Also known as: Tartrazine
What it is: Yellow No. 5 is the only food dye that has been tested alone and not simply as part of a mix. Those studies did link it to hyperactivity. It is the second most commonly used dye in the U.S. (And practically, worldwide too)
Where you can find it: Nabisco Cheese Nips Four Cheese; Frito-Lay Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar and other Frito-Lay products; some Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding products; Lucky Charms; Eggo waffles and other waffle products; some Pop-Tarts products; various Kraft macaroni and cheese products; Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper and other products

Yellow No. 6
Also known as: Sunset yellow
What it is: The third most widely used food dye in the U.S.
Where you can find it: Frito-Lay Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy and other Frito-Lay products; Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups; some JELL-O gelatin deserts and instant puddings; Fruity Cheerios; Trix; some Eggo waffle products; some Kid Cuisine Kung Fu Panda products; some Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners; some Betty Crocker frostings; some M&M’s and Skittles candies; Sunkist Orange Soda; Fanta Orange.

A lot of these products are classed as "junk food" and although it can be argued that organic vegetables are also not healthy due to the chemicals and pesticides used with regards to them; are still a better option for healthy eating compared to most take aways and junk food.
Tomorrow we take a look at the foods that may help with the effects of ADHD and see if there isn't perhaps a more natural way of helping our children instead of having to dose them up on medication for the rest of their lives.

See ya'll tomorrow!
Keep healthy and love your kids, no matter what.
Chef Shants xxxxx

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