Monday, 26 August 2013

Unusual Cakes

Hi peeps!

And Monday arrives again with a flourish and a drumroll. Considering that its the most hated day of the week, worldwide. I hope the weekend was kind to you and your liver and I will be gentle today and not make a complicated blog. So, in the meantime; let's get our coffee on and take a gander and these beautiful creations. Once again - thanks google for the images.

Also; while doing some blog research I came across the most mind blowing pics ever. Do yourself a favour and pop over to You WILL NOT be disappointed, I promise. Check out some of their works in the pics below. (Ps: Not all these cakes were from Highland Bakery, but most of them were; the octopus and the lion and rhino are theirs as well as the dragon head).

Every time I came across one of these beautiful confections; I was more and more humbled by the sheer dedication and intricacy that the baker applied. Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and practice, practice, practice. As for the sugar paste and how to make it; I have blogged about the method and the recipe so just take a gander down the side and follow the easy link to read how its done. Also, don't forget to take a peek at the highland bakery website; its sure to be an awesome adventure for sure!

Have a happy caffeinated Monday, peeps!
Coffee & Cake hugs*
Chef Shants xxxxx

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