Monday, 2 September 2013

Masala Pineapple

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Mondays always need a bit of sweetening up and I thought we could talk pineapples! If you're in South Africa.....Welcome SPRING and summer is just around the corner! To the overseas fans - seems ya'll are going to be getting a break from the heat and have the leaves change colour now for Fall. Either way, whether it be hot 'n steamy or cool and breezy; this fabulous pineapple treat can be enjoyed in any season.

The Masala Pineapple

In Durban, South Africa (where I live), we have an abundance of delicious sweet and juicy pineapples. Couple that with a famous Durban Curry spice and you get the undoubtedly delightful Masala Pineapple. If you ever come and take a walk on our beach front you will come across pineapple chunks rolled in masala curry spice on kebab sticks. These are an absolute treat beyond any doubt. It happens to be a favourite of my hubby's, myself and my friend and "other mother", Des Van Wyk. Having said this; Craig and I were up together one night quite late; he playing Shift 2: Unleashed and myself playing "laugh at craig crashing his Lotus into corners and swearing his head off". While all this fun was happening; we became nibblish and raided the fridge for a midnight snack. I had a pineapple chilling next to a bag of grapefruit and we eyed it with cheeky grins at precisely the same time. I grabbed a knife and began chopping and slicing and Craig got out a bowl to mix the dip. This is our recipe:

Craig And Shants's Masala Pineapple
1 (or more) chilled, sliced and chunky diced pineapple
White vinegar
Extra special curry masala spice
You can finely chop one red bird eye chilli with seeds into the mix as well, if you prefer your spice to come with a bit more of a zing.

In a cereal bowl, pour some white vinegar (about a quarter bowl). Add a teaspoon of the curry masala powder with a very small pinch of salt (add the bird eye chilli too if you are partial to it). Now, allow the chilled pineapple to sit in the dip. (We were a bit impatient and began eating it just like that but its best to make a lot, add your pineapple chunks, cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge for about 2 hours before eating). The sweet of the pineapple coupled with the tang of the vinegar and the zap of the curry masala makes for one winning combination. This is a perfect appetizer on a sunny day sitting by the pool or a perfect midnight snack before bed. Heck, its the perfect anytime, all the time snack!

Tip: you can also stick your pineapple pieces on to a kebab stick, or you can serve smaller pieces of fresh pineapple with the sauce as an accompaniment, provide some toothpicks and then peeps can dip their own pieces into the masala vinegar.

Have a sweet and spicy Monday, peeps!
Till tomorrow
Chef Shants (who Craig was laughing at because she crashed her SLK into corners too!) xxxxx

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