Monday, 16 September 2013

Our Weekend

Hi peeps!

The Chef Mother welcomes you back after your weekend; hope it was a brilliant one.
Craig works most weekends, all weekend so its left up to myself and the girls to get up to as much girly trouble as we can. This is what we got up to in the kitchen this weekend:

On Friday night I was feeling a little on the icky side but it was so sweet when Stormy took a picture of me and said:" I love my pretty mommy". Aww. Made me so happy; lol. Here is the picture she took of me and I also want to add one picture of each of my girls too. We didn't cook anything special on Friday night. We were going to make Barracuda steaks but I was feeling quite uninspired and not very well so we ended up having cheese russians.

On Saturday we spent the boiling hot day watching all 5 Home Alone movies one after the other while munching on movie snacks. When it came to dinner we decided to go all out and made marinaded chicken flattie on our smokeless braai with roast potatoes; savoury rice and garlic veggies. Take a look:

On Sunday (yesterday) we took it real easy and had fish fingers with savoury rice. I didn't take a picture though because I forgot. Sorry. :( most of the day the girls and I were watching Naruto and finally we ended the day watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Hop.

Now its Monday and Craig is at home so time to spend some quality time with him. So count me outta here!!! Before I leave you to get on with your awesome Monday; I just wanted to add that we are doing some pretty funky stuff in the kitchen this week. Don't forget to join us each day and have a look at the new nonsense we get up to.

*big hugs*
Chef Shants xxxxx

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