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The Oddest Ice Cream Flavours!

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Seeing as Spring is now here and Summer is almost upon us; it got me thinking of ice cream. Ice cream is such a huge confectionery all over the world; but its an institution in America, alone. Even the Brits love themselves some ice cream! I googled around and found some of the World's Weirdest Ice Cream flavours, here check these out:

One of the more conservative creations made by the Becker brothers at Max & Mina’s ice cream parlour in New York. Other flavours include smoked salmon and beer.

Morelli’s international ice cream parlours, a branch of which is in London, serve a variety of traditional British meals in ice cream form. That means Yorkshire pudding, sausage and mash and perhaps most unnaturally at all, haggis. It's mixed in with the ice cream and made from real offal.

Coronation chicken:
This flavour was designed for the Diamond Jubilee by Jacob Kenedy at Gelupo in London, who says that he "never expected it to taste so nice". It is no longer on sale, but Gelupo has continued to branch out with ricotta, chocolate and black pepper on the menu this year.

At the Camden ice cream parlour Chin Chin Labs, 'scientists' in lab coats will turn just about anything you bring them into ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Their top flavours change every week (Watermelon and Dill is this week's speciality) and the shop is easily locatable by the gas clouds billowing from the door.

Cow tongue:
This is just one of the many flavours you can grab in the infamous Tokyo parlour Ice Cream City. Others include, salt, octopus and perhaps slightly disturbingly, raw horse flesh. A new direction for Findus, perhaps?

Created by French ice cream company Phillippe Faur, the main ingredient in this scoop is 60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian Caviar. They also, of course, do a Foie Gras cone. At over €100 euros a tub, it’s not one to leave lying in the sun.

Breast milk:
Notorious for ice cream related controversy (as if this list proves there wasn’t enough of it already), Covent Garden’s ‘The Icecreamists’ shop was established to do for frozen desserts "what the Sex Pistols did for music", according to founder Matt O’Connor. He created the flavour ‘Baby GooGoo’ in 2011, made from pure breast milk and sold for £14 a serving.

This flavour is popular around Mexico and while spice and ice doesn't seem like a natural mix, it’s supposed to be delicious.

Trust Heston Blumenthal to get in somewhere on this list. His mustard ice cream followed his other successful flavour, bacon and eggs, at The Fat Duck. It was available at Waitrose for a while, but has now been replaced with his Salted Caramel Popcorn flavour. As long as you’re having fun, Heston…

Blue stilton:
Made by Tuxford and Tebott and available at Sainbury’s, this is something that would only ever be appreciated in this country. Think cheesecake with a slightly more acquired taste.

Green tea:
This deceptively healthy-sounding ice cream is slowly making its way into mainstream ice cream stores in Asia and Australasia. It hasn’t quite taken off here, but surely it’s only a matter of time.

Gin & Tonic:
Sold by Ian and Jane Wallis, who run a small ice cream shop in Hunstanton, Norfolk, after they were inspired by a trip to the Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, They’re local celebrities for their list of exotic flavours that also features Guinness ice cream.

Cinnamon Toast:
A soft-serve rendition of the breakfast classic. The authentic bread flavor comes from steeping toast slices in hot milk. The mushy bits are strained out before the butter and cinnamon are added. It’s a brand new flavor at Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn. Dig in.

The telltale stench of Asia’s notorious “stinky fruit” is significantly reduced once you add the cream and sugar, but the bizarre taste still packs a powerful punch. Available at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York City, where wasabi, black sesame and sweet red bean – the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry of Japan – are also served.

Sebastian Joe’s in Minneapolis makes a roasted garlic almond chip version, but purists can enjoy free unadulterated samples of the sugar-sweetened original at the 2013 Gilroy Garlic Festival, happening July 26-28 in the heart of California’s garlic country.

Bone Marrow with Smoked Cherries:
The folks at Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon extract beef marrow from cow bones to make this one-of-a-kind flavor. So you get rendered fat, cooked in cream, with a welcome shot of cherry juice. The finishing touch: chopped smoked cherries aged in bourbon.

Yazoo Sue with Rosemary Bar Nuts:
As if straight-up beer ice cream wasn’t funky enough. This concoction from Jeni’s in Columbus, Ohio stars a cherry, wood-smoked porter from Yazoo Brewing Co. in Nashville, then adds cashews, almonds, pecans and Spanish peanuts roasted in a coating of fresh rosemary, cayenne pepper and brown sugar. Too crazy for you? Try Bluebird’s Elysian Stout, made with the rich and roasty chocolate maltiness of Dragonstooth Stout from Elysian Brewing in Seattle, Wash.

Maple Hickory:
Of course – ice cream laced with liquid smoke! That’s hickory wood smoke in watery form, to be precise. That plus maple syrup equals… an opportunity for a topping of crumbled bacon. Available at Bluebird, a microcreamery in Seattle.

Apricot Noyaux:
Apricot ice cream as you might imagine it to be, made with a lovely puree of the actual fruit and sweetened with vanilla. But the artisans at Ici in Berkeley, Calif., throw in a little surprise, infusing the mix with the bitter-almond flavor of noyaux – the nut-like kernels inside apricot pits, which they retrieve, toast and grind before throwing in for a good long soak.

Nova Lox Nova:
This salty-sweet mash-up looks like it belongs on a bagel, but one lick and you know it’s no cream cheese spread. Max & Mina’s in New York City makes it with brine-cured salmon and a dash of pepper. Bonus: it’s kosher!

A frozen form of guacamole? Nope. The sweetened creamy flesh of an avocado, the makings of a popular dessert drink in Indonesia, is also the stuff inside a new ice cream sandwich from Milk Cult in Washington, D.C. The mobile vendor – traveling by motorcycle, with sidecar converted into a freezer – hits Washington street corners this summer.

Foie Gras:
Creole Creamery in New Orleans charges a premium for this flavor, made with fatty duck liver that’s cooked down and caramelized, with a splash of Sauternes. As if that doesn’t make it fancy enough, a huckleberry ribbon runs through it.

Sweet Sticky Black Rice:
Think rice pudding, only the exotic kind, made with “Forbidden” (and nutrient-rich) black rice that turns purple when cooked in coconut milk. A specialty of Van Leeuwen trucks and scoop shops around New York City.

Michigan Salad:
With this one, Treat Dreams in Ferndale, Mich. delivers all the fixings of the green tossed Detroit area favorite except the lettuce: candied pecans, dried tart cherries and (gulp!) blue cheese.

Ham and Cheese:
The best of the bunch if you happened to miss lunch – dairy plus protein makes half a square meal, after all. The ham and cheese is but one of 75 or so options available on any given day at Heladeria Coromoto in Merida, Venezuela, a shop world-famous for its crazy selection.

Szechuan Strawberry:
Tiny dark red dots of ground Szechuan peppercorn sharpen this sweet strawberry sorbet, a tongue-numbing summer standard for Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco.

Well; whichever flavour tickles your tastebuds; I think I will stick to the good ole strawberry and chocolate flavours. Although; Magnum from Ola has come out with a pretty funky Pink Pomegranate flavour which blows the mind.
Till tomorrow, peeps!

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