About Shants

Hi, I'm Shants Lucas

I am the proud mother of three beautiful and WITTY girls and a wife to a real-life hero, to whom I've been married for seven wonderful years.

I have a true and deep passion for cooking and baking. Any time not spent trying new recipes or making new creations in the kitchen is time wasted... except when its spent with my awesome family or reading.

I have had the privilege of working in a five star kitchen and with some pretty cool chefs from around the world... (Of which I could share some hilarious tales).  My heroine of the kitchen is the stunning Nigella Lawson.

Some facts about me :

* I love reading everything and anything.
* I have too many favourite foods to mention.
* I've been cooking since I was eight, when my dad introduced me to the world of pots and pans.
* I'm stark, raving mad! Alice's Mad Hatter and March Hare have nothing on me!
* My favourite quote from my daughter Stormy :

Stormy: "what's for dinner mommy?"
Me: "yummy food baby"
Stormy: "did you make boo-apple-mapple mommy?"
Me: "what's that my sweetie?"
Stormy: "that nice foodies you always make mommy"
Me: "well I did make some nice foodies tonight my baby"
Stormy: "Akira, we eating boo-apple-mapple tonight, YAY!!"

And for the life of me I still have no cooking clue, or otherwise, what boo-apple-mapple is......

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